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Monday, April 24, 2006

My Uneventful Weekend.

So what a gloomy weekend we had Saturday to Sunday. I might even include Friday. So, Friday I went out for my friends birthday. And he kept apologizing for making me drive, but I told him I would drive. The only problem that I had with driving that night, was when my other two friends that came with us didn't drink. I mean c'mon, we went out to celebrate our friends birthday and we were just sitting their watching him drink and listening to my boring stories. I mean I had a few to drink, but I just felt bad cause we were just sitting around. Soo anyways that was Friday. I was in a bad mood anyways that day because my boss was pissing me off. She was yelling at me for not vaccuming the meeting room after the chess club, and I politely asked, "Don't we have a cleaning service?"

Let's see Saturday, I did nothing. Even though my mom doesn't stop asking me when I'm going to be applying to St. John's for Grad School. I just got my tuition bill today for LIU, which my dad is pretty pissed about. I just want to get Grad school over with and get everyone off my back about when I'm going to start school. Ugg. So anyways, Saturday I felt like crap and didn't do anything. I had a cold, but I went to Barnes and Noble to get a book on HTML so I can work on my Blog for the Library, but I ended up with two books on Crocheting and Knitting. One book is Stitch and Bitch and the other is The Happy Hooker, both by Debbie Stoller (the editor for Bust magazine, which I also bought as well). I'm debating about whether or not I should introduce some of the Teens to Bust, but I think its more for College Students. Its a great magazine if you are interested. They have great interviews with celebs, intriquing topics, and CRAFTS! Haha. Debbie Stoller rocks. She's on tour with her new book, The Happy Hooker, I'll have to see if she'll be in the neighborhood.

So Sunday. I was supposed to go to New York City to find the best route to get to the NYU campus where I'll be taking classes in May, but it rained. Instead, we went to the Palisades Mall. It was so damn hot that I think I shrunk. My breasts definately didn't shrink, because I'm only one size away from never being able to buy a bra in that store again. It was so dissappointing this year to hear that I was a D-cup, but to be practically booted out of the store! Pretty soon I'll need a walker to hold up my breasts, cause thats the only way Ill be able to support them! So anyways I spent four hours at the mall with my mother and sister. I bought a bra (haha its ugly), a bath robe, and some supplies for my crochet projects. I was so cranky. I was yelling at old people because they kept stopping in front of me. I was yelling at Michelle. Yelling at my mother. I was on a rampage. I hate shopping with other people. I have to, because I always buy things that don't look good on me. But, I just hate shopping with people.

Anyways, the Library was good today. My boss wasn't in and it was very quiet. The best part of my day was when my dad came to visit tonight. This little boy was standing next to him, and I guess the little boy thought that my dad was his older brother. So for some reason the little boy just turned around and smacked my dad right in the leg missing the "secret no-no spot" as my brother calls it. Haha.



  • At 8:25 AM, Blogger The Wire said…

    Sounds like an interesting weekend indeed! :P And I agree with you. It is hard to shop with other people, especially when they don't see eye-to-eye with you on your purchases!!!


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