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Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Entry

I'm not very good at keeping up with journals and such. For a while I had an addiction of buying really nice leather bound journals, which would hold the secrets to my wonderfully, boring life. I usually never got past the first entry. Or writing my name on the first page really fancy. Well I am going to do my best with this blog.
One thing I enjoy doing is telling stories about myself, my crazy family, and whatever goes on at work. I am currently a "Youth Services Librarian Trainee" aka "Somebody's Bitch." Then again when are we not somebody's bitch. I will be starting Grad classes in May, non-matric (which was a really stupid idea, but I just wanted to get my boss off my back about taking classes). I hope to get my Masters in Library Science so that I can work in a College Library, and then take classes for free (muahaha). Anyways here goes my first post, hopefully I will have some more interesting things to say as well as some interesting rants.

Currently reading: Girlbomb (Great read for all you Women Studies people out there. The author has some articles published in Bust magazine.)


  • At 9:10 AM, Blogger The Wire said…

    Wonderful first post! I was the same way with paper journals when I was younger. I would write a couple entries and then get tired of it. Here's to online journals being more exciting and fun to write! Cheers!


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